Basically, sprint car racing is a race car that has a nose wing, and i top wing to keep it on the ground for downforce because if they didn't have that, then they would do a backflip because of them going so fast.

Basic Rules

The rules of sprint car racing are pretty simple. You have to have the same weight as all the other sprint cars, because if you have different weight and you win a race you automatically get disqualified. The way the race goes, is that first there are warmup laps which is usually about 5 laps to warm up your engine and to see if your settup is ready to go. Then there is time trials, to qualify for the first place position or to get as close as possible to the first place position. Then there 4 heat races and they are usually about 8 laps depending on how big or small the track is, and the take top 4 finishers go into the feature race. The people that don't finish in the top 4 go to the B-main, which is the last chance showdown to get into the A-main or the feature race, and they usually take the top 2 finishers. Then the A-main comes and there is usually 24 cars the A-main feature, and it is a 25, 30, or 50 lap race depending on how big the event is, and they battle for the money to win the big sprint car race.

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